English Literature GCSE Booster Course

Courses taking place in Finchley Central and around NW London during Easter school holidays.

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Features of the
English Literature GCSE Course

Setting students
on the right path 

Students who have big problems with these fundamental skills will be put on track so that they can begin to make good progress.

Unlocking more marks

Students getting average marks who have some understanding of these key skills will be given all they need to hone them, so that higher marks become obtainable.

The finishing touch

Students at the top will be offered tips and effective methods to perfect their skills so that they can acquire the top marks.


Focussed groups of no more than 12 students.

Fast & intensive 

Intensive one-week course – three one-hour sessions.

London based

Based in locations across London.

Why would a student need the Literature course


They may well need to brush up on one of these key areas: 


Structuring an essay

Students often struggle with how to put an essay together, or lack an understanding of what the different parts of an essay are supposed to do.  


Writing a proper analytical paragraph

They may be confused about what to include in each paragraph of an essay, and more specifically, how to analyse quotations effectively.


Unseen poetry

They may feel daunted by the unseen poetry section, and lack clarity on how to approach the questions in the section.    

Who is the course for?

Struggling Students

Whether a student is looking to go from a 7 to an 8 and above, or simply ensure that they get a level 4 or 5 – this pre-exam booster course is for them. I will show all students how to answer every question on the exams.  

Average students

Students who perform averagely often find poetry analysis along with analysing quotations effectively, challenging.

Students going for the top grades

Theses students are naturally good at these skills, but may not be aware of certain tips and tricks that will maximise marks.


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