English Language GCSE Course

Courses taking place in Finchley Central and around NW London during Easter school holidays.

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Features of the
English Language GCSE Course

Teaching key skills 

Ensures that every student acquires the skills for English that they may be lacking. 

Unlocking the exam

Gives each student the clarity I have for every question and shows students how to construct examiner friendly answers.

The finishing touch

Will show all students how to improve on what they already have, and will also provide students with exam tips and tricks to fully maximise their mark. 


Focussed groups of no more than 15 students.

Fast and intensive

Intensive one-week course – three one-hour sessions.

London based

Based in locations across London.

Why would a student need the course


Struggles with
English Language 

Lacks  understanding of what it is they need to do in the exams because they have always struggled with the subject.

Wants to know
how to improve

Gets average grades in English Language, in spite of how much work they are putting in, and feels that key skills are missing.

Wants to get
the best grades

Even they're doing well, they may feel they need that extra polish to help them secure the top grades.

Who is the course for?

Students looking to boost their grades

Whether a student is looking to go from a 7 to an 8 and above, or simply ensure that they get a level 4 or 5 – this pre-exam booster course is for them. I will show all students how to answer every question on the exams.  

re-taking their exams

If a student is re-taking their English Language exam, this course will help them establish the foundation necessary to pass the exam, by taking them through all of the skills.


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